HP TouchPad: Slide. Shuffle. Stack. Share.

Everybody On, HP?

What the hell does that even mean?

After that presentation and dreadful Everybody On video, it’s evident HP doesn’t know how to Think Like Apple.

Here’s how to do it.

Click = big

Click = big

Click = big

Click = big

Click = big

BAM! The four main things that immediately set HP TouchPad apart from not only Apple, but every damn thing else out there.

Stop fooling around.

Get to the point.

Increase sales.

Rule the world.

You’re welcome.



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7 responses to “HP TouchPad: Slide. Shuffle. Stack. Share.

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  2. AlfieJr

    Very good presentation!! HP should hire you.

    but … actually you also make clear why i have no interest in webOS – it’s like my computer desktop! and i already got one of those (at work)!! i don’t want multiple open windows or cards showing at one time on my tablet. i want to focus, be immersed, in the one thing i’m doing.

    but … the WebOS approach might be best for business users of tablets. because like i noted above, then you do need to juggle multiple apps on a screen as work flow may require.

    i think HP is really aiming at RIM.

    • mikecane

      I don’t want to be locked into one app at a time. That’s what PalmOS 5.0 did to me. Prior to that, I could use hacks to get a sort of multitasking. I could be in the Calendar (Date Book back then) and instantly call up a Memo in a small overlay window. It was wonderful! With my LifeDrive, I have to exit the Calendar, go to Memos, find the damn memo, exit Memos, go back to Calendar. This has been hell and ruined my enjoyment of PalmOS. This is exactly how iOS and Android work. I’d rather avoid that. webOS will almost give me back what I had, but with more power — both apps open at once and a simple trip between each. Not the simultaneity I had with PalmOS pre-5, but I’ll take it!

  3. corwin

    “What the hell does that even mean?”

    What exactly are you not getting?? The ad is pretty clear for anyone that’s not an Apple fanboy.

    I run several websites and I can tell you it’s impossible to work on them on the IPad. The Touchpad on the other hand is perfect for what I need to do.

    I can have my Admin pages open while accessing my source data while using Photoshop while researching articles and posts online.

    HP is right, we do multitask in everyday life and it makes sense to have that available on our devices too.

    Seriously, do you have some sort of personal beef with HP or are you instinctively an Apple apologist?

  4. corwin

    Sorry I wanted to add that I understand you’re just saying the ad could have been done more tightly. I’m just sick of everyone assuming HP is trying to be compared to Apple. I agree with AlfieJr that this looks more like a shot at RIM.

    As to the apparent copying of size and shape to the IPad, there’s something in design called “form following function”, it means that when you have a “basic” design that works well you should leave that part alone and concentrate on what you can improve.

    It would be like criticizing Ford for making a car with four wheels and a steering wheel instead of coming up with their own design. It’s what works.

  5. Apparently the release date has been moved up: http://hptouchpadnews.com/2011/02/22/hp-touchpad-coming-in-march/

    It will be interesting to see if the Touchpad beats the iPad 2 to the punch and has some immediate sales. Nice writeup!

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