HP TouchPad: Web Browser Pinch-Out Zoom Shown

I have no idea why this wasn’t shown in the live demo and why it hasn’t been shown in the other videos I’ve been watching on YouTube today. But it’s finally demonstrated as a quick aside in this video, at about 5:50 in:

Why did no one even bother to even ask?

I still haven’t seen a single video showing pinch zoom in the photo app. Has anyone?


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5 responses to “HP TouchPad: Web Browser Pinch-Out Zoom Shown

  1. I don’t know. I just always assumed that pinch to zoom was no big deal, since they’ve been able to do that in WebOS since the Pre. Am I missing something about that?

    • mikecane

      Yes. In one YouTube video, the demonstrator moves to do a pinch zoom on a photo and *stops himself* — as if the feature isn’t there in the photo app at all. Plus, Apple has patents on pinch gestures so it’s only a matter of time before Apple cracks down and has others remove that feature. Also, Android’s browser has long had Plus/Minus buttons to press for zoom in/out.

      • I don’t know about the TouchPad’s photo app, but I think it’s highly doubtful that Apple is going to be suing anyone over pinch to zoom, considering how widespread it is at this point. You’ve got the Pre, the Pixi, both Plus devices, plus Android. And a pinch-to-zoom patent by Apple isn’t going to survive court scrutiny, because pinch-to-zoom has existed since 1983, clearly preceding Apple’s use of it (which, IIRC, dates to 2005).

        Now, that doesn’t mean Apple won’t try to get HP and others to remove pinch-to-zoom, but they can’t bitch-slap HP around like they could Palm.

      • mikecane

        Apple already has suits against HTC and Nokia, and vice versa. We’ll see what happens. And Apple was not thrilled when the pre-HP Palm tried to do syncing with iTunes.

      • I remember the whole iTunes syncing debacle. That whole thing was sad. You’re right, though. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully some good video of the Photos app doing pinch-to-zoom will surface soon enough. Having it in the browser would be odd if they weren’t going to put it in Photos.

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