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Memo To HP: Content Adds Its Own Value

I Have Seen the Future and I Am Opposed

But what about the Internet, an open system, with open standards where any browser has instant access to all of its delights? Isn’t this the wave of the future? Yes, but this future is in danger of becoming one of walled gardens, where different services are contained within the bounds of subscriptions. Want one group of television shows? Join this garden. Want another? Join that garden. Want news articles, there is yet another garden to join. Want to buy a book or magazine for your electronic reader? You might have to match the item to the reader, the service provider and perhaps even the device. Different items will be sold through different distributors and not all will work on your particular brand of reader. We will all have to purchase multiple brands of readers.

There is only one big thing HP could do to kill its chances of success with webOS: Do what Apple does. Force everyone to pass through your funnel to get to customers.

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QR Codes And The Anti-QR Code


link.me is a Mobile Marketing, CRM/CMS platform designed for publishers to connect with and grow their reading audience. Created with input from some of the biggest publishers in the world link.me enables you to build long-term direct relationships with readers, gauging and generating interest in upcoming titles and between series, driving retail and online sales.

LTU Debuts pixlinQ at Mobile World Congress 2011

Powered by LTU’s proven image recognition technology, pixlinQ helps organizations link real-world, printed material to digital content using a mobile device. With pixlinQ, there is no need to include a QR code for recognition.

The thing is, a QR Code explicitly says, “Photograph me and I will give you something in return.”

An image says nothing. Who would think of taking a picture of it for more information? Someone would look like an idiot taking a picture of something and getting nothing from it.

This is not just an uphill battle, it’s an Apparency FAIL.

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Latest Tech Lust Object

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 hands-on (video)
Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 5.0 impresses

A lot will depend on the price, but that seems to be just about the size of a mass-market paperback.

5.56″ x 3.07″ x 0.46″
141.3mm x 78.2mm x 11.9mm

“A Format” paperbacks:

7.01″ x 4.33″
178mm x 110mm

Given the page speed limitations of eInk, I can’t see me spending money on an eInk device with this thing coming out later this year. I could have it be a Nook, a Kindle, a Kobo Reader, a Sony Reader, and also have Aldiko on it.

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What If Samsung Acted Like Apple?

Apple poised to become Samsung’s biggest customer



And, James Kendrick, who instigated the idea for this post, adds:


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Published By The Famous Writer

This tweets means only one thing.

Yet Another Book Conference is happening.

To the general public, the publisher of The Da Vinci Code was Dan Brown.

Really, do we want publishers thinking they’re MGM or Pixar or Universal?

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She Will Make Love To Your Ears

Writer Adam Christopher somehow managed to snag the lovely voice of Emma Newman to do the audio version of his steampunk novella, The Devil in Chains.

She will give you eargasms with her luscious English accent.

Go get all five parts and listen!


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