Kobo Books: Your Borders eBooks Are Safe

Borders said this, Kobo said this, but I wanted to be absolutely sure.

Kobo Update

I asked (typos and all):

This is the bottom line question for eBook buyers.

If Borders goes out of business, are their eBooks *still* safe on Kobo itself? I have two libraries of freebies right now: Kobo and Borders. One does not see the other, This makes me and everyone else wonder.

They replied:

Hi Mike!

to answer your question, yes, your Borders purchases are still safe.


The Kobo Team

That’s good enough for me.



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2 responses to “Kobo Books: Your Borders eBooks Are Safe

  1. Hi! Just was trying to find the Kobo reader 20% off coupon. Could you please let me know how to get it as I am looking to purchase one for my wife’s birthday?
    Thanks a lot!

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