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The Head Of Steve Jobs

At left, the Enquirer photo.

At right, the official White House photo.

Ironic the White House would confirm the Enquirer.

I hope that Jobs attending the event means the horrible rumors about his demise are totally wrong.


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Your Tablet Is Just A Brick Without Third-Party Creators


And this morning James Kendrick reminded me of the truth of that:

The lack of the shipping software brought one thing home in my testing; without the Android Market a tablet is not very useful.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

There is a lack of broader thinking in this CNN article, which states:

The balance of power has permanently, irreversibly shifted from the media companies to the tech firms.

No. And it’s time for Apple and the rest of them to be shown that.

Previously here:

Memo To HP: Content Adds Its Own Value

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