South Korea Slaps Our Fat American Face

Home Internet May Get Even Faster in South Korea

By the end of 2012, South Korea intends to connect every home in the country to the Internet at one gigabit per second. That would be a tenfold increase from the already blazing national standard and more than 200 times as fast as the average household setup in the United States.

And especially get this bit:

South Koreans pay an average of $38 a month for connections of 100 megabits a second, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Americans pay an average of $46 for service that is molasses by comparison.

Mr. Choi declined to guess what private South Korean service providers might charge for the one-gigabit service. But he said it would be nowhere near the $70 a month charged for gigabit rates in Japan.

“I can’t imagine anyone in Korea paying that much,” he said. “No, no, that’s unthinkable.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Several things about this article get up my nose.

1) What the hell is going on here that other countries — apparently including Latvia?!!? — are getting faster Internet connections to the home than we Americans? We invented the damn Internet!

2) The person in charge of this effort is appalled at the thought of someone paying as high as $70/month for it. His brain would melt if he saw what people were paying for some much slower FIOS service in America.

3) There is not a single mention of piracy in that article. Don’t you think Koreans are downloading American movies like mad? This is not to imply they are a nation of crooks, but you can be sure a percentage of all Internet use everywhere deals with downloading video.

4) Instead of America being at the forefront of this, we’ve been hobbled and hampered and roadblocked by organizations such as the MPAA and RIAA.

Interview: Jack Valenti

Days ago I delivered the DuBridge Lecture at Caltech. I visited their labs, and they have an experiment called FAST where they have brought down a DVD quality movie in five seconds. That’s 4.6 gigabytes. And Internet2, a consortium of European and American scientists have sent 6.7 gigabytes 12,500 miles — halfway around the diameter of the earth — in one minute. I asked Dr. Newman at Caltech, how soon can this be in production in the marketplace, three or four years? He said, no, if a company wants to come and put in money, it could probably be operative in the market in 18 months. Well, my face blanched.

Both the MPAA and the RIAA and their sham front companies and corrupt agents have a history of blasting people with lawsuits regardless of the case’s merits. They don’t even establish the identities of the alleged infringers. (I needn’t supply links; go Google. You’ll spend the next month just verifying that with article after article.)

5) I live in a nation of complacent drugged-up pigs and I’m sick of it. People defend the greed of Apple. People settle — or worse, through monopoly are forced to settle! — for crap service from Comcast and Roadrunner and are told to be grateful they can even have that. DRM is slathered over everything and turns honest buyers into suckers who risk losing their investments if the DRM provider goes out of business while pirates strip DRM away with a few clicks of a mouse and drain wealth away from creators. We’ve been reduced to ragged characters out of a Dickens story, with only the bravest and un-drugged of us daring to stand up and ask for more. Our forefathers died in battle after battle for this?

6) You lot had better start thinking about a new economic system. Because one gigabit Internet changes everything. In a world where digital creations can be taken for little effort and no payment, only physical labor becomes fungible and non-piratable. How many of you want to clean parks in exchange for money instead of creating for money?

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