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Android Market Adds Google eBookstore

Now that’s avery significant development, especially with the Motorola Xoom tablet going on sale today. A nice slap back at Apple’s iBookstore.

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PDF And ePub On Asus Eee Note

Nate of The Digital Reader pointed me to a YouTube video of the Asus Eee Note. But the one that was related to it was actually more interesting and is now embedded here.

This is twelve minutes long and somewhat rambling but is a very interesting demonstration of displaying PDF and ePub files on the Asus Eee Note. What makes this especially interesting to me personally is that he’s showing PDFs and ePubs from Google Books!

To refresh your memory, this device has a 8″ 3:4 XGA 768×1024 screen with 64 levels of grayscale. And can directly handle PDF, ePub, MP3, JPEG, BMP, GIF, and PNG files.

Stick with it and watch!

At this time, there is no word about releasing the Asus Eee Note in the United States. I expect this is because with a monochrome screen, it’d be seen as a handicapped device against things such as the $250 NookColor and other Android tablets with color screens.


Asus Eee Note EA-800 – PDF Reading Capabilities

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