Hanussen: Hitler’s Mentalist

Did you know Hitler once took advice from a mentalist?

I didn’t.

The Amazing Kreskin mentioned it in an old Joey Reynolds radio show and I decided to find out more.

Aside from this Wikipedia entry — Erik Jan Hanussen — I got a book from the New York Public Library.

Click any photo to enlarge to VGA size.

The book is a bit of a slog, as if the translation is a bit stilted.

But it’s a fascinating story and the book is very stylish and stuffed full of photos and illustrations from that period.

Unfortunately, it’s also long out of print.

I’d love to see this done as an eBook, perhaps expanded with any new information that came to light since publication. Also, as an eBook, any illustrations that might have been shrunk or cut due to the limitations of print (page size, signatures) could be enlarged and included.

It’s a book like this that should get people excited about eBooks. How something like this can be brought back to life and never go out of print ever again. It’s just one of many such books that cry to be brought back into existence.


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