This Is Who We Were


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3 responses to “This Is Who We Were

  1. What a great thing to post this stuff. People have no idea how far we’ve fallen. This is from just two years before I was born.

    Took my wife out to dinner for her birthday last night. We started reminiscing about various aspects of life when we were growing up: being able to go anywhere as kid to play and explore, real food, family gatherings where people TALKED to each other and entertained each other. And later, what a joy it used to be to hop on a plane and go somewhere, without being groped or having to be at the airport hours in advance to clear security.

    I know what this must sound like, but I’m not apologizing. My wife’s from Iowa and clear as a bell on quality-of-life issues. She says that without a doubt, things aren’t “better” now, that so much more is worse. The kids have no idea. No fucking idea at all.

    • mikecane

      Yes, and not only don’t they have any idea, as things get even worse, they’ll stupidly look back at *now* as “the good old days.”

      • You know, I say that almost every day myself, whenever I hear of the latest atrocity: “These are the good old days…” But of course I mean that ironically, meaning that things will get worse before they get better. :-(

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