Asus Eee Note Name And Hardware Revamp — And Kobo Books!

When Engadget first did a story about what is now the Asus Eee Note, it had a different name and a different design.

It was oddly called the Asus Eee Tablet.

Now it’s more sensibly called the Asus Eee Note.

Beyond that, Asus did a very significant hardware change.

This was the original design:

That strip can be seen in use in this video (which I found at Asus Eee Note Unofficial Fansite):

That strip is now gone:

And looks to be replaced with three distinct soft touch buttons.

What are those little boxes above that area? It looks to me as if they correspond to menu items at the bottom of each screen. So, it seems as if it’s possible to still operate aspects of the tablet without using the stylus on the screen itself. If that’s the case, it’s very clever thinking. It would mean the tablet isn’t totally useless if you lose the stylus.

Pocket Lint had a hands-on with the device and the bottom strip was already gone by then.

Lastly, I was poring over that review from South Korea again and I saw Kobo Books mentioned in it:

I have no idea what that means. The eBook reading software is unknown at this time but it does support Adobe DRM, so eBooks bought from Sony, Kobo/Borders, and maybe even those borrowed from public libraries should work (public library eBooks are iffy due to the timing DRM bits that must accompany the file, as Bluefire Reader discovered early in its life).

I’m getting more interested in the Asus Eee Note the more I find about it. This really could change things in the eBook hardware market.

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