Gas Prices Creep Upward

TV news reported yesterday there’s a station in the Bronx charging $4.69 a gallon. Well, I watched gas prices go skyward back in 2008, so compared to what’s happening locally on Staten Island today, that Bronx station is engaging in price gouging and the owner should be prosecuted.

I got out of the habit of snapping a local gas station sign, but I did on December 24, 2010 when I noticed it had gone up from the previous week:

And February 19, 2010:

And today, February 26, 2010:

Forty years ago the Arabs conspired to screw their customers out of oil. I watched blocks-long lines of cars waiting to fill up with gas at prices that were considered outrageous at the time. Nothing has been done in forty years to prevent this happening again.

We’re more entrenched in oil than ever. Meanwhile, after this latest round of Screw The Customer, watch how those in charge of the oil companies will again walk away with egregious Fuck All Of You bonuses.

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