Rubicon: Script Of Episode 1, Pilot

Well, I’m shocked. A reader who goes under the handle of wow casanova found the script to the pilot of Rubicon online!

This is pure Jason Horwitch, his original vision, and it’s very different than what ultimately aired on AMC-TV.

I won’t spoil it. Just go read it and you’ll wonder what Rubicon would have been like if it had followed the path of this script.

I’m posting the PDF of it here for everyone to download and read. Notice how much smaller in size this file is compared to the paper ones I scanned. Apparently this is a PDF version of the original script from Horwitch’s own keyboard!

Rubicon_1x01_-_Pilot [72K] <– Right Click and Save As…

I have more Rubicon posts to come. I can’t publish them until I get clearance. Be patient. More surprises ahead for every Rubicon fan — original and new ones!

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12 responses to “Rubicon: Script Of Episode 1, Pilot

  1. Hi Mike.. anything? News?

  2. Meerkat

    Thanks for all the great Rubicon material man!

  3. no …I’ve got lots here ;) “all these corridors …the all look the same ;) “

  4. Jackson Giles

    Hey Mike, thanks for posting these Rubicon scripts. My father is actually trying to get a copy of the script from Ep 6. He really wants the wedding toast from that episode to pull sections from for his toast at my brother’s wedding. I have looked all I we to no avail. Any chance you could help? Thanks!

    • mikecane

      I’m waiting to hear from someone about some stuff that might include some scripts. But I have no idea when this will happen, so I wouldn’t count on it if you’re meeting a deadline.

  5. wowcasanova

    Hi Mike , I hope you are well .
    Any news on Rubicon ?
    Did you manage to get all the scrips and the the show bible ?
    best wowcasanova

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