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Dissecting The Asus Eee Note

Via Flickr, photos from someone who bought an Asus Eee Note, flashed it from Chinese to English, and also took it apart!

Clicking on each photo will bring up a larger version at Flickr.

Asus eee note, originally uploaded by latinvixen02.

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Abusive QR Code

This, pointed out to me by @KatMeyer, is just So Wrong:

Hello kitty qr code
Originally uploaded by jobber99


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How We Find Books To Read Today

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Financial Times iPad Ad

Photographed February 26, 2011:

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QR Code In Staten Island Ferry Ad

It was difficult to get a clean shot of this due to reflections. This is the best I could do:

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Gas Prices Creep Upward

TV news reported yesterday there’s a station in the Bronx charging $4.69 a gallon. Well, I watched gas prices go skyward back in 2008, so compared to what’s happening locally on Staten Island today, that Bronx station is engaging in price gouging and the owner should be prosecuted.

I got out of the habit of snapping a local gas station sign, but I did on December 24, 2010 when I noticed it had gone up from the previous week:

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This Is Who We Were


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Some Days I Really Wonder

This is the New York Times article headline: Consumers Hold On to Products Longer

But it’s prefaced in the browser title bar with “Use It Up, Wear It Out.”

Do you know where that’s from?

I bet not.

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HarperCollins, Owned By That Cancer Murdoch, Gets Greedier

HarperCollins Puts 26 Loan Cap on Ebook Circulations

HarperCollins Seeks to Limit Digital Lending, Access Patron Data, Generally Piss Off Readers

HarperCollins Announces 26 Loan Limit on E-book Circulation for Libraries

All I’ve got to add is this: Self-published writers would be happy to do once-only sales to public libraries. That’s who helped us when we were nobodies and we’d help them back. We understand the value of public libraries in a way that HarperCollins apparently can’t begin to comprehend.

Print publishing is suicidal as it is in ignoring the future. They’re simply speeding up their own deaths with a move like this.

Die faster.

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Sprint Pimps 7″ Tablet Size

Three screensnaps from an animated Sprint ad:

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