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What They’re For


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Public Library Week

Chicago public library week–March 30 – April 5 The public library–an American institution

Well, it once was. And in Chicago.

Shouldn’t we have one for the entire nation?

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How To Win At Twitter

I’d never even heard of this company until Steven Troughton-Smith retweeted that.

Those made me go check out their website.

That is how you Win at Twitter.

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Friday: My Mix/Mashup

This remix is based on two epic remixes. The first is Eric Stanley’s violin remix and the second is Katie Cole’s drums. I ripped the vids, extracted the audio, mixed in Audacity, and used two programs to edit (one of which pops up at the end, dammit). This is not the best video in the world, but I really wanted these two remixes together, so here they are! Check out the originals. Both Eric and Katie are true talents!

Previously here:

Friday: The YouTube Album

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Got A Bad Review? Really, Just STFU!

Why does this seem to happen every quarter in the year?

Writer gets bad review.

Writer does not learn. Writer screams.

The Greek Seaman / Jacqueline Howett

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Religious Book Week

From an America long ago and far away …

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Another Reminder Of How Things Change

Japan had another big quake today:

Click = big

It’s since been downgraded to Mag 6.1.

Time magazine, Monday, March 2, 1970:

World: Toward the Japanese Century

“It would not be surprising,” says the Hudson Institute’s Herman Kahn, “if the 21st century turned out to be the Japanese century.”

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Friday: The YouTube Album

Oh yes. I do indeed mean that song.

The original:

I have dredged through YouTube to find the ones worthy of being in an “album.” There’s only one or two gentle parodies here. Otherwise everything else is pretty much a tribute to the original song.

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Why Your “Collectibles” Are Worthless

I’ve spent two hellish sessions now with someone who has hoarded a bunch of stuff thinking it’s all going to become collectible and increase in value.

He’s been trying to unload this crap now.

He checks prices on eBay with Highest Price listed first and thinks he’s sitting on some sort of gold mine.

It’s not the highest price that establishes any damn market, it’s the lowest.

So when he scrolls down and sees that the Highest price differs from the Lowest by five or even ten times, he doesn’t frikkin get it.

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Interesting Angle On eBook Pricing

eBook pricing problems

In an environment with an ever-increasing digital component, judging success by how many you sold is doomed to fail. You have to judge success by how much revenue you took in. Why? Because after you’ve paid all the costs to get to the point of having an ebook to sell, everything after that is essentially free. Yes, there’s a small fee for digital distribution, and authors have a percentage royalty they’ve earned. But as that’s a percentage royalty, and not a per-unit royalty, it scales. The publisher’s job at that point should be to maximize revenue. In a way, this is the same for print, but as you actually have to plan how many copies you’re printing and pay for them in advance, there’s much more upfront investment risk involved every time you print more copies.

Digital has no production cost once you’ve reached the point of having something to sell.

Read that last sentence again. Once you understand that and its implications on pricing flexibility, you’re already ahead of big-6 publishing.

It might seem as if he’s advocating what the Big 6 of print are currently doing — overpricing eBooks via the Agency Trust — but that’s not so.

This is an interesting post that comes to a surprising conclusion and needs to be read.

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