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Nokia’s Conspiracy Of Stupidity

Nokia: We depend on uninformed customers, deception preserves brand value and uncompetitive software will keep us competitive

There needs to be a conspiracy of stupidity for this plan to work.

This is a devastating assessment of Nokia.

It’s as I said back in 2007:

It’s become evident to me that Nokia has gained its global dominance not because its products were so good — but because its competitors’ products were just so damned bad!

This time, however, Nokia has competition:

1) Apple
2) Android
3) webOS

Nokia + Microsoft: A Match Made In FAIL


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This Is Amanda Hocking

Gee, you know, with her name being all over the damn place, does anyone else besides me get off their ass to see if there’s any sort of YouTube video of the lass?

No, of course not.

But now that I’ve posted this, you’ll see it everywhere else for the rest of this week. Without anyone admitting they saw it here first. Or linking back.

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It’s March. Read!

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Tell Publishers Why You Didn’t Buy A Book

Lost Book Sales: Every day an author and a publisher lose a sale. These are the stories why.

I mentioned this site before. Things have since changed for the worse for readers. Random House has adopted the price-fixing anti-competitive Agency Model.

For example, overnight The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo went from about US$5.00 to US$7!

For no damn good reason.

It could have been Agency Priced at what it was. But no. Random House wants to squeeze some more money out of people.

That’s a lost sale to me.

I can wait until the price drops. Maybe that will happen when Random House declares bankruptcy from other such lost sales.


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