Print Publishing: Earning My Contempt Again!

Last night I got a Kindle sample of this book:

Great cover, right?

Too bad the insides ruin it!

Here is the first page of the story as displayed in Kindle for PC:

Click = big

Wait. What?

OK, I thought. I’ve read on Twitter that sometimes Kindle for PC does unreliable display of Kindle book formatting.

So I asked Moriah Jovan to screensnap that page for me on her Kindle 2. That would solve any possible display anomalies.

And this is what it looks like on a Kindle 2:

Click = big

This is just inexcusable.

How can any publishing company:

1) Let this through Quality Control?
2) Ask people to pay money for this?
3) Do this to a writer?

And this is not some Do It Yourself self-pub writer.


This is frikkin Simon & Schuster, one of the Big Six of the price-fixing Agency Cartel, the wannabe OPEC of publishing!

To add insult to this injury, the cover is Bait & Switch!

This is the crap people get when they open the Kindle book:

Click = big

And people wonder why I hold print publishing in such utter contempt?

It’s all deserved!



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3 responses to “Print Publishing: Earning My Contempt Again!

  1. The bigger insult, IMO, is that the table of contents is not linked to the device’s “go to” menu option.

    That’s supposedly enough to get you kicked out until you re-do it.

  2. Good post. I hate that these money-grubbing publishers spend nothing on quality or the reading experience. It pisses me off and I just want to scream.

  3. Yeesh. When I self-pubbed my ebook CEL & ANNA, I paid an ebook designer $89 to prep the book for both Amazon and epub formats. He did a beautiful job, and did it quickly.

    This is his website:

    <a href=";

    I am saying if this option is available to me, what is S&S about?

    <a href=";

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