Forbrydelsen: The Killing

The Killing (TV series)

AMC-TV is doing an American version.

Now dig this. Rubicon told one story over the course of season.

What does The Killing do? The same damn thing!

I’ve been watching the original subtitled Danish series. Some people complained about the slow pace of Rubicon? Every 54-minute episode of Forbrydelsen seems like two hours!

Still, I continue watching. I’m up to episode five of twenty.

I like looking at the actress playing Lund:

And also seeing shots of Copenhagen:

Here are the opening titles for the first episode:

This a promo for the AMC version:

I will probably skip that.


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3 responses to “Forbrydelsen: The Killing

  1. Keishon

    I guess what I like about this series are several things: first I like the unfolding of the mystery or crime. The show is 20 episodes and it can be frustrating as hell especially with the cliffhangers but I like the format of examining one crime throughout the course of the series. The writing would have to be damn good to do this. Second, I love the shots of Copenhagen as well. Well, you pointed out everything I enjoy about it so I might as well stop. I’m watching the US version just for my own edification. Thanks for bringing this series to my attention. Someone else tipped me off about this series, too, thinking I’d enjoy it and I do. Very much and it doesn’t feel like a 2 hour show to me because I am very engaged in the story.

  2. maxchell

    Where can I watch the original version with English subtitles?

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