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Robo Ads Mock Your Misfortune, Bookstores

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VezTek USA’s Impossible eBook App

The End is Near: for Kindle and Nook

I don’t even know how to quote that press release. It’s an example of ineptness.

Basically they are promising something that is impossible: An iOS app that will read both Kindle and ePub books.

That’s impossible because Kindle books use a proprietary DRM. And the only legal way to use that DRM is to get a license from Amazon.

I don’t think Amazon is about to license a competitor to undercut its own Kindle app.

And they can’t reverse-engineer the DRM to make a compatible app because that’s prohibited by the DMCA.

No matter how I try to see how this can work — it can’t be done even by uploading legally-purchased Kindle books to the cloud to be read by a web app! — I keep getting back to the word impossible.


VezTek USA site


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2011: The Year Print Began To Really Die

I was reading a post about how people from different classes relate to their white-collar corporate work environments.

This brought to mind an excellent book on the subject I wanted to recommend in Comments.

And tracking down the book revealed that print has no future whatsoever compared to eBooks.

The book is Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams by Alfred Lubrano (I still highly recommend it).

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