VezTek USA’s Impossible eBook App

The End is Near: for Kindle and Nook

I don’t even know how to quote that press release. It’s an example of ineptness.

Basically they are promising something that is impossible: An iOS app that will read both Kindle and ePub books.

That’s impossible because Kindle books use a proprietary DRM. And the only legal way to use that DRM is to get a license from Amazon.

I don’t think Amazon is about to license a competitor to undercut its own Kindle app.

And they can’t reverse-engineer the DRM to make a compatible app because that’s prohibited by the DMCA.

No matter how I try to see how this can work — it can’t be done even by uploading legally-purchased Kindle books to the cloud to be read by a web app! — I keep getting back to the word impossible.


VezTek USA site



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2 responses to “VezTek USA’s Impossible eBook App

  1. Ravi

    Well, what you can do is write an app that supports unencrypted Mobipocket, ePub and whatever other formats your heart desires (though this has already been done, I believe).

    Then… if your users break the DRM on their legally purchased books to use with your app (arguably fair use – though the only official exception is for reading ebooks aloud or using them with other accessibility software), you can (if you are bold enough), claim that your app “reads Kindle and Nook ebooks”. I’m not sure whether or not you could openly point to instructions for stripping the DRM, but that would help, of course.

    Of course, if that is the scenario we’re talking about, VezTek has no technical innovation here and their claim of reading Kindle and Nook ebooks isn’t how people would generally understand it. Instead, their innovation is in the audacity of their claims. I suppose that’s clever, but it doesn’t seem terribly meaningful in the end.

  2. Danielle D

    Since I have both a Sony 950 and a Kindle 2 this app sounds like the answer to all my prayers! Except I have no idea what “To The Cloud” is!?!?!

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