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Why Publish On Paper?

Mills&Boon e-books record booming sales

The British publisher said electronic sales of the books have more than doubled over the last year and have now overtaken actual paper book sales.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

This will happen first to genre publishers — M&B does Romance — and then hit the Big Six in their genres too.

The dominoes are beginning to fall.

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“Endless Demand” For “Transformational” Bullshit

The Stupid. It hurts so much.

First, from an egress-pusher I won’t even link to, comes this absolute crap about there being “endless demand” for eBooks.


Tell me, Mr. Egress Pusher, how many classics have you read lately? Tell me the last title by Balzac, Hugo, Dostoyevsky, Baudelaire, or Nerval you have read.

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