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Samsung Galaxy Tab In HDMI Dock

This really impressed the hell out of me on many levels:

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Wi-Fi-Only 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming?

Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab Coming April 4 for Only $399?

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(Photo from Steven Troughton-Smith)

NookColor is $250. But it has no cameras and it has to be hacked to become an Android tablet. The hacking can go smoothly — or not. But then when Barnes & Noble pushes out updates, the Sisyphean rock rolls down the hill again.

Samsung 7″ Galaxy Tab has two cameras, faster CPU, same screen resolution (though perhaps colors don’t pop as they do on the NookColor), and it’s natively an Android tablet.

A $150 premium over the NookColor is, I think, worth it for the Galaxy Tab.

This interests me.

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Gas Prices Break Through $4.00

Last weekend it was $3.95/gallon. Today, Saturday March 12, 2011:

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Kobo Reader Now US$69 At Closing Borders

At the Borders that is closing at 101 Broadway in Manhattan, Wall Street area. Photos taken today, March 12, 2011:

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Shot through glass, and it’s difficult to see, but it’s dropped $10, from $79.99 to $69.99, since the last time I posted about it.

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iPad 2 Day + 1: Still Insane Lines

Photos taken today, Saturday, March 12, 2011, 8:36AM at the Apple SOHO Store in New York City.

All photos resampled down to VGA. Click any for bigger.

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Japan Acts As Usual

They have a history of studying something until being forced to do something.

I saw this happen with the entire Aum Shinrikyo cult threat.


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The minute I heard they turned down U.S. aid to cool the reactors, I knew a disaster was inevitable.

Now will come the cover-ups and lies to prevent panic, while tens of thousands, perhaps millions, are exposed to and perhaps even become poisoned by radiation.

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