iPad 2 Day + 1: Still Insane Lines

Photos taken today, Saturday, March 12, 2011, 8:36AM at the Apple SOHO Store in New York City.

All photos resampled down to VGA. Click any for bigger.

The line went 3/4ths up that loonnnnng block. There were at least 200 people. Bugger with standing on that.

As it turned out, I went to J&R to scope out some tech and as I was leaving, I saw a standee touting the iPad 2. I keep forgetting they sell Apple’s stuff. So I went upstairs to see.

Since it was minutes after opening time and I was the only prospect there, I did a nano-nano fondle. iBooks wasn’t installed and I wasn’t going to get on the Net while being watched by hungry salespeople.

1) It’s shockingly thin
2) You could probably behead someone with it
3) The edges felt sharp to me
4) The camera on the back is absolute shit, a disgrace, and Apple should be ashamed foisting that on people

Apple’s fetish with thinness is crippling their ability to put a decent camera in the iPad. It has the same crapcams as the iPod Touch. They should have never gone below the level of camera quality from the original iPhone. They should do whatever it takes to get a decent camera shrunk down to their thin fetish dimensions. Making people pay for crapcams is just inexcusable.


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3 responses to “iPad 2 Day + 1: Still Insane Lines

  1. Brett

    No, the iPad 2 won’t replace carrying a camera for taking quality pictures, nor is it intended to. However, the cameras provided, crappy though they may be, are infinitely better than those on the iPad 1, and will find their uses.

    Seeing as the iPad 2 costs the same as the iPad 1, the cameras are essentially free. But you just love to complain. Please go buy a Xoom. I hear it has good cameras (and is priced accordingly).

  2. Shock Me

    I can’t imagine a use for either cam other than Face Time. But I wouldn’t mind using the new iPad as a remote and viewfinder for a DSLR. The edges are less sharp than the previous model. Due to how thin it is, the slight drop in weight, and the flat back I find it much easier to hold.

    I won’t be upgrading until after the new iPhone comes out this summer. I’m very happy with everything on my current model (except for the size of storage I initially chose).

  3. AdamC

    Sad nitpick for the sake of nitpicking.

    Go back to your buggy xoom and live happily after and pay through your nose for it too.

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