Needed: This Tablet Program For Disaster News

UPDATED: See end of post.

Trying to monitor the news out of Japan on a desktop is just frustrating.

This weekend I’ve had a cardboard brochure of the Samsung 7″ Galaxy Tab nearby and I kept thinking how much better a tablet is suited for this kind of thing

A tablet’s limited real estate could be used far more efficiently than the wasteful desktop, which forces us to choose between distinct sites.

Of course, the following could also be done as a desktop website, but I haven’t seen anyone else come up with this idea and it seems better suited to a tablet.

Someone build this! If you don’t, Apple probably will!

Click = big


Someone has built a site along this idea. I don’t know how long it’s been around but right now there’s an URL exclusively for Japan disaster coverage.

Click = big

This is sub-optimal for people like me, where you can see how it bleeds off the right side of my screen. But at least it has the right idea!

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