Why You Need A Tablet

That unrelenting Tech Fiend, James Kendrick (who now has a new nest over at ZDNet), knows I am interested in the possibly-$399 (better be $399!) WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab.

So he will go to extraordinary measures to tempt me into his new Galaxy Tab Kendrick Kult.

Like, I asked him if he could see the live TBS feed via Ustream on the Galaxy Tab. He said he could. I asked if he could do a screensnap. He said the app locked-out all the buttons so he couldn’t.

That would have stopped anyone other than a Tech Fiend!

He sent the following…

Click = ginormous

And that is why you need a tablet. When disaster strikes, you can’t be at work using up your employer’s PC to follow the news. Get a tablet and set it up nearby and use the WiFi (which every good employer has now, right? Right?).

Kendrick is viewing that at the regular Ustream website, in Dolphin browser. No Ustream app required (as it is for iOS; it once was. But iPadWatcher reminded me via Twitter that it’s now possible to watch Ustream via iOS Safari itself; I suppose they switched from Flash to HTML5 video).

People on Twitter have asked me where I’ve been getting the live earthquake news from. It’s been from the TBS feed. Fiend Kendrick coincidentally managed to capture that in the photo too. Here is the overlay to look for, preceded by a 2-2 alert sound, highlighted in red:

Click = big

That shows the time the quake registered — 6:15AM — and the Magnitude — 4.0.

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