TV You Must See: Endgame

Former World Chess Champion Arkady Balagan can’t leave his expensive hotel room.

He has a crippling case of agoraphobia following the murder of his fiance.

The hotel wants him to leave, though, because he’s run up a $33,000.00 bill!

An offhand remark about a missing child suddenly puts him in the center of solving the case — even though he can’t go outside, has no staff, has the hotel constantly trying to evict him, and there is no prospect of settling his hotel bill even if he solves the mystery!

TV has to grab me quickly. I don’t have to time to waste with the same old crap everyone else is doing. This series won me before the credits when Arkady did this:

I won’t spoil that by putting it in context. But right at that moment, I knew I would love this character and that this wasn’t the same old bland crap TV usually disgorges.

Who can not like a vodka-swilling self-indulgent genius?

This is also a series that’s situated smack in the 21st century!

Video calling:




It’s not just that the character is likeable or that this is a mystery series. No! It has brilliant storytelling, doing things that only a visual medium can do. I can’t spoil these surprises, but here are two hints:

What’s also great is that actor Shawn Doyle is good-looking but not Beauty Mutant good-looking. You can imagine yourself meeting a guy like this in real-life.

This is a wonderful series filled with delightful story surprises and a character who is a genius but not a nasty guy. He’s a blithe, free spirit, unfortunately crippled in his ability to fully function by a personal tragedy.

I can’t wait to see more episodes.

Well done!

And here is the series trailer, which you might want to watch directly at YouTube because, um, cough cough, as we say.*

* Update: Too late. No longer there.


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3 responses to “TV You Must See: Endgame

  1. Your review of this wonderful, new series is right on the money. Only two episodes in, and I’m completely hooked!

    With its fresh premise, unexpected plots, intriguing ensemble cast, and a brilliant, beautiful, quirky, tortured hero leading the way . . .

    What’s not to love?

  2. Nice to see someone talking about this show! Being from the US I have to use, er, unorthodox means to watch it, but it’s worth it.

    A tiny bit low-budget but it makes up for it by letting the characters use real technology, as you said. And the third-wall-breaking effects where we see Arkady’s thoughts in various ways are awesome.

    Best of all it’s a mystery show that didn’t have a single murder in the first two episodes. That’s refreshing. (Yes, there’s the long-term murder to solve, but that’s also refreshing.)

    Here’s hoping this show lasts a while!

  3. Liz

    The new sherlock holmes show can’t hold a candle to Endgame!!! BRING ENDGAME BACK!!

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