Japan Quake: One Week Later

It’s been a week and the numbers are staggering.

Official death count is over 9,000.

Official missing figure is over 16,000. Unofficial is over 20,000.

Over 288,000 people are in shelters that are generally unheated, unlit, and short of essential supplies.

Three nuclear plants ruined.

Bank of Japan to provide ten trillion yen in liquidity.

Insurance calculations approach $200B but that figure doesn’t take into account people and things that were not insured. Or future income lost by people killed. Or the ruination of neighborhood ties and the destruction of societies that once existed.

People tend to forget that the things that have prices on them are not the most valuable.

Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) has ceased live streaming on both YouTube and Ustream.

I would monitor TBS because it provided live quake updates.

All that remains is NHK World TV in English, but it tends to go into loops and is often ambiguous as to what is Live and what has been Recorded.

Good luck, Japan.

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