Ken Bruen’s London Boulevard, The Movie

I knew this movie was being made. I expected it to be released in America.

If it was, the ad campaign was invisible, for I never saw it.

Now it’s out on disc: DVD and Blu-Ray.

There’s nothing more I can add about Ken Bruen that I haven’t written here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

Except to say London Boulevard was one of his early books and it was very rare to find in print several years ago, so it’s one of his few that I’ve not yet read.

It’s available in e now, and I downloaded the Amazon sample to check it out. I could tell right off they changed some things. But it’s still pure Ken Bruen.

The short no-bullshit sentences, the attitude, the metaphysics.

Colin Farrell gets out of prison. And as usual in a Bruen novel, that’s when his problems really begin.

Bodies pile up … some unexpectedly napping, others never waking again.

Monahan must have wanted to do this bad. It’s clearly a labor of love.

I’d like to be there when people get curious after the movie about just who this Ken Bruen guy is. I’d like to see them buy London Boulevard and start reading. Because I know once they finish, they’ll go get all his other books too.

And so will you.

Go see this.

And if you’ve never read Bruen before, start here:

London Boulevard by Ken Bruen – Kindle, Sony ePub, Kobo ePub, B&N Nookbook

And here’s the trailer to rev you up:

Ken Bruen website


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2 responses to “Ken Bruen’s London Boulevard, The Movie

  1. Mike,

    This movie is no longer on Netflix. I was enchanted by your tweet about this and now the write up above. If it shows up again, I’ll be sure to snap it up.

    By the way, it’s good to see that you’re still around.

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