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Google Books Search Settlement Rejected

I have been against the Google Books Settlement.

So I’m glad to see Judge Chin also rejected the Amended Settlement Agreement (ASA) citing several problems I had with it too.

First, let me thank my fellow published Copyright-holding writers:

Further, an extremely high number of class members — some 6800 — opted out.

I’d also like to call out writer Ursula K. Le Guin for raising the visibility of this issue and resigning from the Author’s Guild over it. That took both foresight and guts!

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Endgame, Episode 2

A high-stakes poker game — that is, cough cough, actually illegal — is robbed at the hotel …

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Amazon Android App Store Has Kobo Books App!

Wow. This makes my head explode.

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This gives more credence to Jeff Bezos’ past assertions that each part of Amazon is run as a separate business. Here, the App Store doesn’t give a damn that this might impact the Kindle hardware or Kindle eBook businesses. It’s doing what’s good for the App Store customers.

Right now, searching for “Kobo” comes up with zero in search. I had to be pointed to this listing by Kobo. Here is the link.

So, are the apps for Nook and Sony Reader also in there somewhere?

If they don’t go all crazy, demanding a 30% vig like Apple, Amazon will be providing reasons for people to use Android for eBooks with a move like this.

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