Friday: The YouTube Album

Oh yes. I do indeed mean that song.

The original:

I have dredged through YouTube to find the ones worthy of being in an “album.” There’s only one or two gentle parodies here. Otherwise everything else is pretty much a tribute to the original song.

Something like this comes along very rarely. Many musicians who have wanted attention could have jumped on this bandwagon and been introduced to many other people. Instead, they chose to do parodies and are not included here. This is my bit to get the tribute ones more viewers.

If you think most people hate this song, you’re just out of touch. Look at this:

The crowd went wild over that!

I even heard someone at the Ferry terminal this morning say:

“Last night they were listening to Rebecca Black.”
“Blasting it.”

And now the first, and most likely last, “album” to appear on this blog.

Acoustic vocal:

Acoustic vocal, with the rap included:

As ballad:

Piano ballad cover:

Piano with singer:

Piano with a hell of a voice:

Piano cover:

Another piano that is just art:

Violin remix:

Drum cover (the best damn one; I heard them all!):

Pop punk version:

Hard rock version:

Metal/Djent Remix (with rap as metal!):

Meant as a parody, but I like it:

Meant as a parody but has good harmonies:

A brief metal version:

A very metal version:

Germany Germany remix:

Mike Doerr Extended Remix:

Dreamy slower remix with unfortunate flashing video:

German Expressionism meets French Existentialism:

And, finally — and it really is! — the Epic Edition:

If you think I’ve missed one (impossible!) or a new one pops up that I haven’t seen (entirely possible!), leave a link to it in Comments.



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5 responses to “Friday: The YouTube Album

  1. MatthewDiener

    You missed the best cover: the Bob Dylan version.

  2. kitten

    What about the Meatloaf version? Also, check out the dubbed version Says my granddaughter.

    • mikecane

      I was going to include Meatloaf but then decided not to since it wasn’t really him. The Colbert one is still in my queue for watching. I’m letting several days stack up before I go back to them again.

  3. kitten

    Also Stephen Colbert did a version with Jimmy Fallon that was actually not bad (and I can’t believe I said that)

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