Got A Bad Review? Really, Just STFU!

Why does this seem to happen every quarter in the year?

Writer gets bad review.

Writer does not learn. Writer screams.

The Greek Seaman / Jacqueline Howett


At that blog post, I Commented:

Mike Cane said…

>>>Never ever respond to a bad review. Everyone’s going to get them from time to time, but ignore them.


Now a story. Back in the 1970s, when I was a naive teen, I published a fanzine. In my naivete, I thought it was pretty good. I sent it off to a zine that reviewed zines. My zine set a world record by getting ZERO out of one-to-five stars. I could have cried or ranted. Instead, I learned to DO BETTER. That’s what a review should spur a creator to do. Crying about being told you made crap is a waste of time. No one sets out to make crap. Crap happens for any number of reasons. You don’t know it’s crap until someone else sees it. But if you don’t want to hear you’ve made crap, well, prepare to keep failing. And then that part is all on *you*.

Previously at Mike Cane 2008:

Does The Internet Make Reviews Obsolete?



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3 responses to “Got A Bad Review? Really, Just STFU!

  1. What is so upsetting to me is that she blackened the name of self-pub/indie authors everywhere, if you believe the comments. Apparently we’re all like that, and traditionally published authors never are. We have enough of a headwind to contend with as it is without crap like this. *headdesk*

  2. kittent

    jeez louise…what a whiny bitch (the author of the Greek Seaman, not you)

    After reading the description of this book I might have paid 99 cents for the it (probably not) or downloaded it for free…(the way I get much of my kindle leisure (i.e. trash) reading), but after following your link to AL’s site, i wouldn’t read the book on a bet.

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