My New Mouse Is A Cylon

The Dell mouse finally dropped dead on me. Left-clicking was requiring too much pressure and putting painful RSI stress on my arm muscles.

I opened it up and did some triage by putting a wee wedge of paper towel under the circuit board to raise the switch, but that was untenable. The only solution was to become Alex Milway’s Mousehunter — in a techy way.

After visiting a bunch of stores that wanted more than the price of a pint of blood plasma for a freakin mouse, I wound up with this beast:

Click = big

Apparently when I took these next two shots last night, I didn’t have Macro on, so they’re blurry. I’m not inclined to redo them just to show off a new $5.00 mouse!

Click = big

Click = big

The Dell mouse is a PC connector, not USB. This new mouse is optical and lacks the mechanical ball the Dell has. It’s also USB and is currently plugged into one of two front USB ports. I have to pull the entire floor unit out from its enclave to connect the mouse in the back, where I hope there are some USB ports. It’s also an open question whether the damn tail on this mouse is long enough to reach back there. I will find out this afternoon when I have to dig into the rat’s nest of wires and finally straighten out that entire mess (I also want to finally plug in some better speakers to replace the $3.00 ones I’ve been using!).

Yes, my life is this pathetic in its excitement these days…

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