What’s Up With The Sony Reader?

Earlier I mentioned an “eReader Solution Guide” I picked up Friday evening at Best Buy.

This is a look inside at the eBook devices they’re touting:

Click = ginormous

The lineup of Sony Reader is just not there.

And it would not be like Best Buy to drop the Sony Reader. All indications is that it has been selling there and everywhere else.

However, when I stopped at J&R last night, I saw something unprecedented: They didn’t even have demo models of the PRS-350 or the PRS-650. This is not something that should ever happen. Especially since the PRS-650 has not had a sale recently.

And at Best Buy, it was basically the same thing. The 350 and 650 were sold out, not to be found.

And over at B&H Photo’s website, the 650 is no longer listed.

As it turns out, over at eBookNewser, Nate had already reported the discontinuation of the PRS-650 last weekend, which I missed. Sony has also denied that it’s been discontinued.

But what I also find strange is that the 350 was on sale this week for $50 off, reduced to $129.99. This from a company that has explicitly stated it doesn’t intend to get involved in a price war. This was probably the fourth time that model has had a sale price.

Given that Sony has engaged in a price war via intermittent sales, how can I take seriously any denials from them about, well, anything?

How can it be that Best Buy wouldn’t list it in this new Guide at all? Something is simply not right here.


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3 responses to “What’s Up With The Sony Reader?

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  2. Sony’s leaving WalMart too. Sorry if this is known, but I had the opportunity to visit not one but two separate Walmart Electronics departments on Thursday (Brother’s B-Day tomorrow.) At bad Walmart, the Sony Reader had that same red “clearance” tag for the Sony Touch, alongside signage for the Nook. The other, nicer Walmart was completely out of Sony Readers, but did have reasonable-quality displays for Nook + Kobo.

    No idea how many Readers of any stripe Walmart has sold, however.

    /They also had WWE AllStars 2011. So I had the best gift, until my brother-in-law came up with Animaniacs Complete Series on DVD. Stupid Glory-seizing Brother-in-Law.

    • mikecane

      I hadn’t heard this. Either Sony is bailing on eBooks or upgrades are coming outside of the usual cycle. They had lots of the 300 left over (a crappy product, so no surprise), so maybe now they want to make sure to get rid of all outstanding inventory before a new model is even announced.

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