Twitter Now Censoring Links

This is the first time I’ve ever encountered this “error” message in Twitter and I don’t like it at all.

Click = big

Here is the post itself for you to see: Anarchy for the UK. Ish.

Just what the hell is going on here?

Update: I’ve been told on Twitter that Twitter for Mac states the site is blocked due to malware. However:

And @fakebaldur works in security.

Also, Chrome does not alert me that the site is infected or is malicious at all.


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11 responses to “Twitter Now Censoring Links

  1. Rudiger

    Looks spammy to me.

  2. What would you have them do Mike — don’t they have to fight malware? Don’t we want them to?

    • mikecane

      That error message does not mention malware, but I’ve been told on Twitter that Twitter for Mac’s message says malware. Is the site in fact infected? I have no objection to blocking malware or infected sites, as Google and Chrome do.

  3. WOT doesn’t flag it either.

  4. FYI. I checked Safari and just installed FireFox 4.0 which should have Google Safe Browsing built in. Nothing looks unsafe on that site at first glance, but I am not able to tweet it either. Sent you a screensnap from Twitter for iPhone.

    • mikecane

      I hope this is nothing but a mistake! But I don’t like that “unsafe content” is in that message. “Unsafe” in what way — politically? I was reminded that both MySpace and Facebook have also censored links. I have experience with MySpace and their overzealousness was just another reason why I stopped using that service.

      • I hope not too! I also find it rather odd that it’s so easy to defeat just by using as a link shortener. Something’s wrong there.

  5. We’ll presume it is down to malware, but not doing a great job of it…

    …that said, I often wonder about censorship. It’s like or Blogger, Tumblr, and all of those, could take your site down if it is deemed too extreme. You start to think, well, would the new NAKED LUNCH or WILD BOYS make it? Would the internet, in one form or another, block it?

    • mikecane

      Google has cleared the site of malware, as my Update shows. And yes, we’ve already had the RIAA make Blogger take down music sites, some of which were 100% legit and had Copyright holder permission to post MP3s!

  6. This is almost certainly a false positive. I’m pretty sure this isn’t malware related (the safe browsing diagnostic page for shows it to be pretty far from the sort of edge cases that fall foul of malware scanners).

    My bet is that it is either human error, or that twitter is trying out some sort of badly thought out, crowd-sourced, blocking algorithm based on what people mark as spam.

    The third possible reason is censorship, which doesn’t seem particularly likely, even though is often a target for censorship.

    I actually hope it’s human error, as crowd-sourced heuristics are too easily gamed on the net.

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