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Your Wake-Up Call: Facebook Cards

Earlier today I posted: The Gift Card Advantage

And look what I stumbled across at the Best Buy site:

Click = big

Are you convinced now?



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Every Writer Can Learn From This Thirteen-Year-Old Girl!

Oh yes, this is another Friday-related post.

That girl under the arrow also drew attention in the Friday video.

I think it was the combination of her self-consciousness and braces that did it. Several people even did YouTube videos featuring her!

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Songs That Are Worse Than Friday

I’m sure everyone out there has a list of bad songs.

But these I think are far worse than Friday.

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You’re All Wrong About The Friday Song!

As of this post, it has eighty-two million views. That’s over fifteen million more since last week at this time.

I don’t have access to YouTube’s stat machines, but if I could see them, I would bet that for every IP address, there have been multiple viewings.

If people hated it that much, why would they return after seeing it just once?

Because the truth is most people don’t hate it.

They love it.

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The Gift Card Advantage

You see this?

Click = big

That is called a big fat competitive advantage.

Two companies don’t have it and three companies are wasting it.

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Aldiko ePub Reader Now At Amazon App Store

Amazon continues to amaze me with its Android App Store, welcoming outright Kindle competitors. First it was Kobo, now it’s Aldiko!

If you want to read DRMed ePub easily on your Android OS device, Aldiko is the program to get! Not only can you buy ePub from anywhere — even from Barnes & Noble with its custom-mutated Adobe DRM — but you can borrow books from public libraries too.

In addition to ePub, Aldiko also does PDF.

Run and get it!

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