Every Writer Can Learn From This Thirteen-Year-Old Girl!

Oh yes, this is another Friday-related post.

That girl under the arrow also drew attention in the Friday video.

I think it was the combination of her self-consciousness and braces that did it. Several people even did YouTube videos featuring her!

Today, @doctorlaura tweeted a link to a video that girl did. Watch and learn:


1) She didn’t wait for someone to formally request an interview with her

2) She’s totally herself, not putting on a facade

3) She’s not selling anything

4) You want fans like she is of Justin Bieber!

5) She asks the audience to participate!

So what’s your excuse, Mr./Ms. Writer?

You have a webcam, you have a YouTube account (or you can damn well get one!), you have readers — or you want them! — so why is a thirteen-year-old girl having to give you marketing lessons?

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One response to “Every Writer Can Learn From This Thirteen-Year-Old Girl!

  1. Supreme. That is good. And actually I really did wanna know who the rapper was in the video. That was a question on my mind which I hadn’t bothered to follow up. As you say the power here is the girl’s unpretentiousness. Respect! #GirlInPink

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