Songs That Are Worse Than Friday

I’m sure everyone out there has a list of bad songs.

But these I think are far worse than Friday.

I heard Perry Como on a radio interview in the 1990s. He was so ashamed he recorded this and it became a hit!

This was played by WABC-AM in NYC so much that it made my ears bleed. I hated it then and I hate it even more now:

I was such a stupid kid. I once owned this record. Now, it’s just plain creepy and an anthem for people who need to be locked up:

Howard Cosell was given the chance to host a TV variety show. This was his first musical guest and first song played. Now you understand why the show bombed:

This was played almost as much as The Archies’ song was. Not only was this the death of mainstream radio, it drove me away from listening to music radio entirely:

And you thought nothing was worse than Friday? You so silly.

What are your bad ones? Leave YouTube links in Comments to educate and warn the world!

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4 responses to “Songs That Are Worse Than Friday

  1. No, no, no, NOT M’s Pop Music! It’s a classic for me. It would be a good one to sample and take it somewhere new.

    The thing about Friday is it might not last, Rebecca Black might not go anywhere long-term…or she might. The bottom line is Friday is beating the hell out of most songs and artists. Wannabees and D-List acts would kill for the kinda coverage Rebecca Black has received.

    It’s the glory of our times…like it or loathe it.

  2. kittent


    Hey, I was a big Monkees fan…and Cowsills. Neither one of them is as bad as RB…I’m not sure any of the songs you listed is all that bad.

    • mikecane

      I was going to include a Cowsills song, actually. But it wasn’t as bad as these! As for the Monkees, eh, I suppose I’m a Believer still holds up.

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