You’re All Wrong About The Friday Song!

As of this post, it has eighty-two million views. That’s over fifteen million more since last week at this time.

I don’t have access to YouTube’s stat machines, but if I could see them, I would bet that for every IP address, there have been multiple viewings.

If people hated it that much, why would they return after seeing it just once?

Because the truth is most people don’t hate it.

They love it.

Here are just a few YouTube videos to prove that:

And here are little girls who had to have seen it multiple times to know the lyrics so well. They’re the same age I and my friends were when we snatched up records and albums by The Partridge Family and The Archies:

I’d post more than that — I have videos of bands at venues doing covers with the crowds cheering and singing along — but I think the point is made just with those videos.

What’s the common denominator in those videos — and most others — that are non-parody?

It’s in the song lyric itself:

Fun fun fun fun!

People are having fun!

I don’t know why the Friday song is so difficult for people to understand.

It’s a catchy fun song!

When I first watched it, I didn’t really have much of a reaction except to the autotune.

But that damned song stuck in my head. I think it did that for everyone who saw it.

And I’ve gone back. And back.

And so have others, which is why it has more views than any damned best-selling self-published eBook is ever likely to have.

So everyone can snootily sniff at Friday and laugh, but it’s accomplished everything a good song should do:

1) It’s memorable
2) It’s made people listen more than once
3) It’s made people want to sing it for fun

It would have led to platinum-level song sales for Rebecca Black at the iTunes Store, but we live in the age of on-demand YouTube, and people can watch it free at any time. I hope the view ad revenues make up for some of the money from lost sales.

Really, all the people ripping their hair out over Friday being popular need to get a grip. It doesn’t signal the downfall of society or the elevation of mediocrity. It’s harmless. It’s good fun.

And with the financial situation being what it is, with Japan fighting a nuclear disaster, and our own national politics falling into a ditch, people could damn well use some fun these days.

And that is exactly what Friday has provided.

Finally, let me credit the skills of Rebecca Black.

She understood this was a chance for her and she gave it her all. She’s very appealing in the video, has a screen presence, and if you know how to listen to the song despite the autotune, you can hear that she can sing. I don’t think anyone other than her could have pulled off this song. Someone without any talent at all would have made this video sink after a few novelty views. It would not have gotten over eighty million views because people would not have come back and people would not have done at least five hundred covers of it (actual and parody).

You did a great job, Rebecca. Don’t listen to the snobs. We love you and Friday.

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