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Endgame, Episode 3

Endgame continues up in Canada …

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Why Did You Resign?

Today I was led to a resignation post from a writer.

I won’t link to it. I don’t want to add to the misery.


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Mayor Prickberg

I have nothing but absolute contempt for the current Mayor of New York City. He’s a self-absorbed self-righteous shithead who overturned the will of the people so he could have an illegal third term as Mayor.

And now this:

A Cigarette for 75 Cents, 2 for $1: The Brisk, Shady Sale of ‘Loosies’

“The tax went up, and we started selling 10 times as much,” Mr. Warner said. “Bloomberg thinks he’s stopping people from smoking. He’s just turning them onto loosies.”

I don’t see how the hell Prickberg can complain about lost tobacco tax revenues — doesn’t he expect them to disappear anyway with his jihad against smoking?

In New York City it’s become cheaper to take up a hard drug addiction than to maintain one such as legal tobacco smoking.

The criminalization of what was once acceptable while turning a blind eye to egregious crimes continues in this nation that has flipped upside-down and inside-out. And you wonder why I say we are Doomed?

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