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Has WordPress.Com Been Hacked?

What the hell is this in my Dashboard?

Update: I have had a son of a bitch in Comments call me a liar for posting this. I have sent an email to WordPress Support with a link to this post to ask for an official explanation.

Update 2: WordPress replied in both email and with a Comment. This is the email:


We’re working on a new feature behind the scenes here and part of the testing code we were using for it ended up displaying on everyone’s Admin Bar for a few minutes accidentally. It wasn’t related to the service interruption from later that day, and it was not a hack on WordPress.com.

Ryan M.
WordPress.com | Automattic

So, the son of a bitch who called me a liar should basically go drink a glass of hydrochloric acid now.

Let me remind everyone again here that I don’t lie and I don’t create hoaxes. There are already people well-known out there eager to give you a trip down their river of psychosis. That’s how they make their money.



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Sony Reader Website Meltdown

Sony, a worldwide multi-billion-dollar company, just keeps screwing up.

What the landing page for the Sony Reader Pocket Touch now looks like:

Click = big

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Bad News At Camp Good News

Well, the Internet managed to punch me in the gut again …

Police: Apparent suicide at Camp Good News

Body found on property of Camp Good News

This is horrible news.

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THE Reason Why The NookColor Sells

This is better than any TV ad Barnes & Noble could do (you have to cut them some slack on getting the price wrong; this is both TV and Fox, after all…):

And if you think people haven’t caught on:

CM7 is CyanogenMod 7 and you can learn all about that at the NookColor Portal.

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The Mainstream Catches On

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An Amazon Tablet: Repercussions

I still waver over whether or not Amazon will release its own tablet and whether or not it will be a general tablet or a “KindlePad.”

I think it would be in Amazon’s greater interest to make it a general tablet without restricting the eBook portion of it to Kindle books.

And should Amazon enter this market, these are the effects I think it would have:

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