Bad News At Camp Good News

Well, the Internet managed to punch me in the gut again …

Police: Apparent suicide at Camp Good News

Body found on property of Camp Good News

This is horrible news.

You can try to keep things to yourself, but life has a way of making you reveal yourself.

I didn’t name it in the post I did back in 2008. And now here it is, stained with infamy.

The camp passed into the hands of Wyeth’s two daughters, Hope and Faith, shown here:

I can’t believe they are the kind of people who would have ever engaged in a cover-up. If anything, their faith would have mistakenly given someone the benefit of the doubt under the heading of “repentance.”

But you can’t do that with pedophiles. They just can’t be helped. I know that goes against the tenets of Christianity, but in instances such as this, secular science — which is overwhelming on this issue — must take precedence.

It’s fashionable today to sneer at Christians. Understandably so, given the televangelists who have come along to fleece their God-seeking flocks and tarnish its image.

But let me tell you that both Hope and Faith are Christian women, as the term is meant, followers of Christ.

The second link has video footage with nothing but engine noise, making it seem as if Homeland Security is peering at the camp with a drone. I see the layout is as I remember it:

They’ve added a few buildings since my several consecutive summers there in the 1960s. But I’m certain the mission and spirit and bedrock goodness of the camp remains.

We never had any scandals when I was there. It was unthinkable back then, to molest a child. And most of my cohort didn’t know a thing about sex. I won’t say all the counselors there were Christians. That would be a lie. But none of them ever spoke against the camp or their roles as counselors. None of them were ever cavalier about their responsibilities.

I always wondered if something like this would ever happen. The evil prevalent in the world has a way of invading even what you think are sanctuaries (just ask Catholics!).

It will be very ungoldy of me to say so, but if the person who killed himself is indeed guilty of this overwhelming betrayal, may there be no forgiveness on the other side.

For there is no forgetting on this side by his victims.


W. Wyeth Willard


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5 responses to “Bad News At Camp Good News

  1. kittent

    Mike, I’m sorry. This is painful at many levels and I hope that justice is done. *hug*

  2. Marcia Greene


    Thanks for your post. So many people who attended Camp Good News and who worked there are devastated by the recent news. Anyone who has spent time around Hope and Faith know that they are single-minded in regarding their purpose in life to be one of helping others. I can only imagine what they are going through. But like you, “I’m certain the mission and spirit and bedrock goodness of the camp remains.”

    By the way, Mr. Willard’s first name was Warren.

    • mikecane

      I had hoped something like this would never come to pass. I wish them the best.

      • No Idea

        The picture above is of the Senior camp cabin on the right not the adminstration building. And the property labled Infirmary is a camp owned home where the pedaphile Chuck Devita lived. You have no idea!

      • mikecane

        Then things have been rearranged much since my time there.

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