Has WordPress.Com Been Hacked?

What the hell is this in my Dashboard?

Update: I have had a son of a bitch in Comments call me a liar for posting this. I have sent an email to WordPress Support with a link to this post to ask for an official explanation.

Update 2: WordPress replied in both email and with a Comment. This is the email:


We’re working on a new feature behind the scenes here and part of the testing code we were using for it ended up displaying on everyone’s Admin Bar for a few minutes accidentally. It wasn’t related to the service interruption from later that day, and it was not a hack on WordPress.com.

Ryan M.
WordPress.com | Automattic

So, the son of a bitch who called me a liar should basically go drink a glass of hydrochloric acid now.

Let me remind everyone again here that I don’t lie and I don’t create hoaxes. There are already people well-known out there eager to give you a trip down their river of psychosis. That’s how they make their money.


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10 responses to “Has WordPress.Com Been Hacked?

  1. Because clearly if WordPress.com were hacked, the first thing the hackers would do is post “Hello World! :D”.

    Also note on Twitter that you’re the only one that has seen this. You’re an attention whore and nothing more.

    • mikecane

      It was there. I have no reason to make that up. There are other ways to attract attention without besmirching WordPress or anyone else. You should know better than that.

  2. Booklorn

    Looks like it might be coming from the Hello Dolly plugin that comes standard. If it is a hack maybe they’ll finally remove the plugin (fairly useless, it displays lyrics from Hello Dolly on the dashboard). WordPress released an upgrade in the last few days … Interested to know what you find out.

    • mikecane

      I have no idea what the Hello Dolly plugin is.

      Here is the backstory. I was paging through past posts and hit a page where suddenly every post on the page was in bold. I thought maybe some tag had gone unclosed so I hit Edit on the first post. And THAT popped up there in my Dashboard. I haven’t been able to see it again.

      • Booklorn

        Hmmp. Strange. Doesn’t make me keen to upgrade in case it’s not just .com. Curious to hear what support says.

    • mikecane

      So much for being told I was the “only” person to see something like that. Thank you for that link. I hope WordPress Support will reply to my email and explain this.

  3. Did not see this on my account. Wondering if they are upgrading WordPress??

    • mikecane

      Earlier today on Twitter they announced there was some sort of hardware malfunction. The Dashboard and even viewing my site was unavailable.

      This happened several hours after that episode.

  4. Mike,

    I left you an email as well but thought to post here about it: we’re working on a new feature behind the scenes here at WordPress.com HQ and some of the testing code we were running accidentally ended up under some users’ Admin Bars for a few minutes.

    You haven’t been able to see it since because we fixed that test code as soon as we realized it was appearing there.

    It wasn’t related to the problems in the tweets listed above and it wasn’t a hack on WordPress.com.

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