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How The Public Sees The Tablet Market

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I sit here in my bitter puddle of spite, unable to buy an iPad.

And yet, at heart, that’s even how I view things.

Sorry to whoever did the original cartoon. It’s floated around the Internet so much, there’s no way to trace ownership. Fair Use, Parody clause of Copyright Act invoked. You are a genius, by the way.

Update: Bad contrast on my screen made the Copyright notice near-invisible until someone else pointed it out to me. The genius is Asher Sarlin. He has other cartoons at his website.

Update 2: And here is a link to the brilliant original. From 2004!



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Japan: 7.4 Quake

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Shocking images after the break.

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Update: Sony Reader Website Meltdown

I need to cut Sony some slack here.

I’d forgotten they were being targeted by Anonymous.

That could have accounted for the anomalies I reported yesterday.

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He’s Dead But His Victims Still Hurt

Accused man dies at Sandwich camp

He was honorable, respectable and faithful. There was never the remotest hint of anything like this.

That’s not true. First, he was a sick fuck who abused his position of power to indulge his lusts. Second, it turns out there was an allegation of child pornography on his computer back in 2002. Had he been dealt with properly back then, the Camp, in the eyes of the secular world where civil suits happen, would be in a better position than it is today.

Man accused of child sex abuse kills self at camp

It had to be a horrendous amount of torment that drove him to do something like that.

Yeah: Fear of prison and what they do to pedophiles there.

I cannot be sympathetic at all.

An innocent man would not have killed himself. Especially an innocent man who was a true Christian.

He died in disgrace.

Just like Judas.

Previously here:

Bad News At Camp Good News

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