Apple’s New iPad 2 Street Ads

Photos taken today, Saturday April 9, 2011:

It wraps around the entire phone kiosk.

Apple wants me to crack.


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4 responses to “Apple’s New iPad 2 Street Ads

  1. James Katt

    Crack then.

  2. lrd

    Apple’s going to make more this past quarter from smart covers than Google does from Android.

  3. filecat13

    Yes, but remember, the pundits (aka people who never produced a thing in their lives other than Web hits) tell us it’s all about “market share” which they define as number of units sold (at a profit, at a loss, or given way free to boost numbers) rather than “profit share” which is about how much money a company earns.

    So, if you’re a millionaire living in a mansion driving a Bentley or other car of your choice and running a private, appointment only, “we-come-to-you” car wash service at $100 a pop, you’re a loser because there are nine other guys standing at the off ramps of the freeway washing car windows for a quarter. They’ve got 90% of the market according to these morons.

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