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How PC People Keep Making Apple New iPad Customers

Holy god almighty.

What made any of you think this was acceptable?

I’ve been watching someone who is not computer literate at all install a CD-ROM-based game sold to the general public — you know, the kind of game found at brick and mortar non-computer stores that actual real-world people shop in!

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A Movie Score Done On An iPad 2

Check this clip from London Boulevard.

The music was done on an iPad 2 using GarageBand:

Incredible, right?

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John Steinbeck: Disgraced Liar

From Reason magazine, that spoilsport rag that believes people can have fun only if they can explicitly state their underlying philosophical principles for doing so, this:

Sorry, Charley: Was John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley a fraud?

Which really gets up my nose.

Because I had that book recommended to me by a site three years ago. And I read it two years ago. And then I recommended it to others, some of who went on to read it.

And now I learn it was all a total lie?

No wonder no one believes anyone else in this country.

Everyone fucking lies!


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Twitter Misattribution Sows Distrust

I sign onto Twitter minutes ago today and suddenly I see all this:

Click = big

I had no idea WTF this was.

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