John Steinbeck: Disgraced Liar

From Reason magazine, that spoilsport rag that believes people can have fun only if they can explicitly state their underlying philosophical principles for doing so, this:

Sorry, Charley: Was John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley a fraud?

Which really gets up my nose.

Because I had that book recommended to me by a site three years ago. And I read it two years ago. And then I recommended it to others, some of who went on to read it.

And now I learn it was all a total lie?

No wonder no one believes anyone else in this country.

Everyone fucking lies!


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2 responses to “John Steinbeck: Disgraced Liar

  1. The bottom line here is ALL AUTHORS ARE LIARS. How can anyone tell the “truth” (whatever that is) using the constructs of language? The menu (words) is not the meal. The map (words) is not the territory.

    A British travel writer, H.V. Morton, wrote In Search of England in the 1920s. Wonderful book. But it turns out that, like Steinbeck, he didn’t rough it and he made a lot of it up, not least he didn’t travel alone, he picked up women in every town pretty much, despite being married.

    He painted a charming picture of and older England, but in truth he didn’t see that much of it!

    In the end, nothing it true. It is all dreams. And why not?

    The writer in Reason mag says: “Still, there’s no denying Steinbeck got away with writing a dishonest book.”

    To me that’s an incredibly limited outlook. Why should you state when you are writing fiction or non-fiction?

    Quite honestly I doubt whether there’s a single non-fiction book on this planet that isn’t fiction.

    • mikecane

      When someone writes a book that states, “This is what I did,” it had goddammmed well better be an account of it! Steinbeck just lied.

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