Twitter Misattribution Sows Distrust

I sign onto Twitter minutes ago today and suddenly I see all this:

Click = big

I had no idea WTF this was.

So I clicked through (I’m not providing a live link).

And it’s a site I’ve never seen with a weak article about tablets. Which also throws up an intrusive large ad overlay.

Now what I think might have happened here is that whatever tweet system was used, it grabbed text past the post headline, which included the “(link via @mikecane)” line.

But the end result is that it looks like the link being tweeted for that post is a link I sent out or have somehow otherwise recommended.

Which brings up a new way of destroying trust on Twitter by scammers and spammers. Sending out tweets that state certain people have recommended or originated a link when they have not.

Update: This gets even worse! The post in question was lifted in total from another blog! So we have outright theft aided and abetted by Twitter misattribution!

Update 2: I’ve since been contacted by the post’s author. He says it was a legitimate cross-post to the other site.


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2 responses to “Twitter Misattribution Sows Distrust

  1. I’ve been hit exactly like that with the “Writers Wanted” spam. They’ve made it look like an RT from me. Thing is, I wouldn’t recommend that “service” to anyone.

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