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The Last Gasp Of A Closing Borders

Photo taken today, Tuesday April 12, 2001:

I actually went in. Figured I could score the first book of the Stieg Larsson Girl series cheeeep. Yes, I am that stupid. Of course they were all gone weeks ago. But I lived in hope!

I also looked for Gischler, Fowler, and Bruen. All gone except for a lonely copy of Bruen’s Cross, which I’d read via NYPL, so won’t buy in print, only e.

There really wasn’t much left, which I guess is either a good sign for the liquidator or for books. You choose which.

I expect it will be all shut down by this weekend.


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Hello Unwanted Water!

Some excitement on my way to the ferry this afternoon.

A water main break!

Action photos after the break.

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Gas Goes Up Yet Again

Photo taken today, Tuesday April 12, 2011:

It was still $4.13 on Sunday!

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Behold! The 21st Century Has Arrived!

My damn router went tits-up yesterday.

Lovely way it has of doing that. Without any user-friendly sign it has stopped working! The lights still stay on, it still sits there looking like it’s working, but nada from the Internet. Which was a damn wasted one hour on the phone with Time Warner Cable!

I tried to replace it but Linksys doesn’t make wired-only routers anymore.

Fancy that!

Luckily for me, all this coincided with a Instant Rebate (aka Sale) by Linksys, $10 off their low-end WiFi router. $39.99 sounded great to me. I think last year the thing cost like $150.00!

So, behold …

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Amazon’s Android App Store: No Thanks!

Apps from Amazon routinely phone home and other interesting details

I left my Viewsonic gTablet sitting at home while I was at a conference last week. The battery died while I was gone, and when I charged again I noticed 2 interesting details. The first is that all the apps wanted to check with Amazon before I could open them. What’s truly curious is that I only have free apps. Some, like the Kindle app, have always been free and always will be free. But even the free Kindle app insisted on contacting Amazon before I could do anything with it.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

This is just wrong wrong wrong.

He mentions free apps here. Amazon can argue this is the “price of free” (though good luck getting people with brains to accept that Orwellianism).

But what happens if you’re in a disaster zone, there’s no working wireless, and you need to access a free app that gives first aid or other survival advice? Or what if it’s a legitimately-purchased eBook that requires the free Kindle reading program?

This is an equation for one hell of a lawsuit.

Until I learn otherwise, I will be skipping the Amazon Android App Store.

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Two Ways To Turn On A Light

The Techie Way: “Let’s start with the theory of the electron …”

The Apple Way: “Push this switch up.”

And if you think I’m being inflammatory, I want all of you to consider the following.

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Fukushima Was A Disaster From Day One

Japan Nuclear Disaster Put on Par With Chernobyl [paywall; YMMV]
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