Behold! The 21st Century Has Arrived!

My damn router went tits-up yesterday.

Lovely way it has of doing that. Without any user-friendly sign it has stopped working! The lights still stay on, it still sits there looking like it’s working, but nada from the Internet. Which was a damn wasted one hour on the phone with Time Warner Cable!

I tried to replace it but Linksys doesn’t make wired-only routers anymore.

Fancy that!

Luckily for me, all this coincided with a Instant Rebate (aka Sale) by Linksys, $10 off their low-end WiFi router. $39.99 sounded great to me. I think last year the thing cost like $150.00!

So, behold …

I am now being bathed in leukemia-creating GHz radio waves.

Too bad I don’t have anything that can use them.

No, I can’t! Shut up!

I also upgraded my crap $3.00 speakers. One died after I dropped them.

These cost a whole ten bucks.

And are crap. Really. Avoid them. The $3 ones put out better sound.

Meanwhile, my desktop PC is still crap.

And so it goes.

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