Barnes & Noble: Your Window Is Closing

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The irony of 2011: Barnes & Noble touts a review quote about the NookColor that emphasizes it being a tablet, not an eBook reader.

And this:

Why Barnes & Noble should go from bookstore to Nookstore

If this bit is true, it’s just devastating:

McQuivey believes the Nook recently surpassed Sony’s ereaders to become the second-most popular on the market, second only to Amazon’s Kindle.

James Kendrick believes Amazon’s recent moves are preparation for launching an Amazon tablet:

Today Amazon locked up the Android ecosystem

The last step for a complete Amazon takeover of the Android ecosystem will be the appearance of the Amazon Tablet. It will be based on Android, of course, and have a good complement of hardware and software features to compete with other Android tablets. It will also have something no other product will have, a tight, easy to use integration with all of Amazon’s services and shopping.

And he reiterates here: Ad-supported Kindle announced — it’s not the big story

I firmly believe Amazon is about to disrupt the mobile space by entering into the mobile space with a tablet device, and take Apple on directly.

I agree, but thought Amazon must beat the NookColor in terms of quality. The NookColor, as pointed out at the top, really is the best damned inexpensive Android tablet out there right now, despite the fact it needs to be wrestled to the ground and rooted to open it up.

Kendrick, however, disagrees with that. An Amazon tablet doesn’t have to be better. It just has to show up to win:!/mikecane/status/54594892214714368!/mikecane/status/54595953956626432!/mikecane/status/54591813784309760

Barnes & Noble has managed to pull off some really stunning hardware with the NookColor. However, continuing to limit their vision for it will endanger the entire company.

Just look at this video. Who knew it was possible to use a Bluetooth keyboard with it?

What’s also ironic is that Barnes & Noble really pushed the accessory market for both the Nook and NookColor, with a broad range of covers and cases, with name-brand designers.

But did it get any credit for that move?

Hell no! Apple is getting it for basic generic Smart Covers!

The billion dollar Smart Cover

If anything should be a slap in the face to wake up Barnes & Noble, it should be that article about Apple Smart Covers.

If you can’t even win in the cover market, you’ve got more work to do!

Before Amazon shuts the window on Barnes & Noble for good, Barnes & Noble needs to open up the NookColor ASAP.

And if Amazon isn’t enough of a worry, here comes the next wave of cheap Android tablets.

Not only are they improving — they can also run the Barnes & Noble Nook reading software.

That window of opportunity is closing faster, Barnes & Noble.

Previously here:

An Amazon Tablet: Repercussions

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