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Why Apple Without Jobs’ Keynotes Fails

Why We Need Storytellers at the Heart of Product Development

Who are the product storytellers? Part matchmaker, marketer, technologist, and artist, the product storytellers ask questions, find answers, and figure out how to distill a vision or idea into a product story. They develop a plot, identify the people, and shape the product around the specific values it should offer consumers. Product storytellers think about the whole, and they see the big picture. But they also can go deep because they understand that the product’s true value lies in the details of its interactions and every touchpoint that a consumer has with it.

The apotheosis of this was the iPhone introduction.

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A Pricing Post For The Future

When the mega eBookstores of Amazon, Apple, Sony, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Sony are ultimately smashed and writers finally have self-determination without any Suit or tasteless techie middlemen in the way.

Persuasive purchase behaviour – Understanding the power of the Goldilocks Effect

I won’t elaborate.

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Book Publishing: Two Ravens’ View

This is an unusually frank and very disturbing post from a small publisher.

Two Ravens Press: The real story: publishing, four and a half years on

Okay, so promotions really aren’t the answer either. I know – reviews. Get the books reviewed, and they’ll sell. Right? – Wrong. Almost all of our books have had serious and positive reviews in major national newspapers and literary magazines. And in other publications. And on blogs. And even on Radio 4. And only three of our novels have ever sold more than 1000 copies, no matter how glowing the reviews and how extensive the publicity.


But you’ve missed the obvious solution! – we’re told. Make e-books, and then you’ll have no print costs! Right. But you have fixed costs to make the e-book file in the first place, and the ongoing costs of secure storage facilities, and distributors and wholesalers still take the same percentages for e-books as for print books, and there are still royalties to be paid, and the overheads for running the business don’t much change … just missing out on print costs doesn’t help nearly as much as you’d imagine. And besides – whatever the publishing ‘experts’ would like to tell us, e-book sales are still pretty slim in this country – especially for literary fiction. We’ve had e-books for a couple of years now, sold through our website and also fully distributed through a major wholesaler, and our bestselling e-book has sold about ten copies.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

This is a book you must read: Senseless by Stona Fitch, which is also available in ePub.

It took guts to publish that one. Scariest book I’ve ever read.

Update: Well, well, well. Now we can understand why Two Ravens’ eBooks have sold so few! Moriah Jovan left a Comment which I’m moving up into this post too:

Okay, I went there to get SENSELESS. I’ll get it, make no mistake. But the buying rigmarole you have to go through is bullshit.

Not only do they put DRM on the file, but they individually number and watermark the EPUBs and PDFs. Thus…

They have to email you the file… and it MIGHT take 24 hours for you to get something whose raison d’etre is instant gratification.

No wonder they aren’t making any money. They aren’t visible and the customer has to work too hard to give them money.

If it didn’t come without a rec from you, I wouldn’t have bothered, and then I would have written a scathing WTFery post on how NOT to treat ebook customers.

Well, now if you do a post, you can go into the details. Meanwhile, this now exists as an explanation for part of their troubles.


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P.O.V. Comes From Y.O.U.

Always have a strong point of view

It is so important to have a strong point of view. Let me repeat: it is so important to have a strong point of view. It needn’t be as extreme as the one voiced in this ad, but you’ve got to stand for something.

If you don’t have a point of view, you won’t know what you don’t stand for, and so you’ll be tempted to try and do everything, because “no” won’t be in your vocabulary.

And see the video there too.

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How A Writer Does A Rejection Letter

Lafcadio Hearn begs “Don’t disgust me, please –”

You were never physically attractive to me; you are neither graceful nor beautiful, and you evidently know nothing of the laws or properties of beauty. Otherwise you could not have sent me such a picture, as it could only disgust me.

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Periodic Lectures: Ellen Lupton on D.I.Y. Career Paths

Lupton, in the final chapter of her lecture, shared her opinion on digital e-reader’s through a love story with a Kindle, ending in an affair with an iPad. She spoke about the seductiveness of the iPads interface, despite Kindle’s ability to be taken to the beach on a sunny day. “But then she meets iPad. She touches his skin and he responds. Now every time she touches Kindle, he doesn’t do anything and just lays there. She decides to go to bed with iPad. Who goes to the beach, any way?” But does this story have a happy ending for the iPad? Well, not quite. In a final illustration, the girl is holding an iPhone and the text reads “…she is a slut.”

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I Want This As A Tablet App

Make music. Right now.

Both as basic as that as well as options with instruments, different settings, and standardized file export capabilities. Create something and send it out as an MP3 file or as data to be imported into GarageBand or a similar program.

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Reference: Social

Don’t Trust Your Social Referral Data

Everyone who have been working with social media analysis knows that social referral data is largely inaccurate. The reason is that a lot of your social data is going to show up as “direct visits”.


This means that the point of Twitter is not to get people to click. The point is to get people to feel!

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